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League Rules



1. Team Composition:
Co-ed 6's - No more than 3 males may be on the court for a team at any given time; must have at least 2 males and 2 females on the court.

Co-ed 4's - No more than 2 males may be on the court for a team at any given time; must have at least 1 female on the court.

Doubles - 2 players must be on the court at all times.

a. If a team can't field the minimum players at game time, they lose a point per minute.  After 20 minutes, they forfeit the match.

b. Late players may enter at any stoppage of play.

c. Winner of a game of chance chooses side or served for game one.  Teams switch sides & serve for game two.  A new game of chance decides side/serve for game three.

d. Teams can bring out substitutes for any and all players, and substitutes can play on multiple teams. 
e. Special Substitution Rule for Girls' 2's: In order to avoid forfeits, a team can use a female (never male) sub older than the age division.  However, if such a sub is used, the opposing team gets an automatic 1 game (not match) victory and the violating team is penalized 1 game (only if they win at least 1 game).  Ex. In a 14u league, a 15u girl plays for Team Ruby.  Team Ruby beats Team Opal 2-1.  The official result is Team Ruby gets 1 win, Team Opal gets 2 wins.
f. A player could sub on multiple teams during the regular season, but could only play for one team per league in the playoffs.
  (See rule 4, below.)

g. Forfeit Rule: A team that forfeits twice (2 nights) will be dropped from the league.

2. Matches start on the half-hour and are 1 hour long - that includes a 5 minute warm-up period at the start.

a. Game time begins after the 5 minute warm-up period.

b. Teams lose a point per minute if they can’t field the     minimum number of players at game time. 

3. Each match consists of 3 games to 25 by rally score; a team must win by 2 - but there's a point cap at 27.  Standings are based on games won.

a. If time expires before the game ends, the team in the lead wins.  If tied, then next point wins.

b. Each team gets two 60 second time outs per game.  Time outs are not allowed in the last 5 minutes of play.

. All teams make the playoffs.

a. Teams will be seeded based on their regular season standings.
b. Players must play in a minimum of 2 regular season matches for their team in order to participate in the playoffs.  Players could play for only one team come the playoffs.

c. Rosters (our waiver form) must be turned in at the start of the season, and the names (but not personal info) will be made public.  Rosters could be updated throughout the regular season.


GENERAL GUIDELINES: USA Beach Volleyball Rules supplemented (and in some cases superseded) by our house rules apply.  We'll play through light rain, but will cancel on nights where we face downpours and/or lightning.  Rainouts may or may not be made up, depending on date limits (IHSA requires juniors outdoor programs to end at a specific date in August). 



1. A player may never touch the net.

2. In 4's & 6's play, a player may never cross under the net or step into the other team’s side of the court.  In doubles competition, a player may cross under as long as there is no interference.

DISPUTES: All disputes will be resolved by the league director.  At the director's discretion, a dispute could be submitted to the non-involved team captains to be resolved.


RECREATIONAL (C) DIVISION:  In order to promote volleys, lifts and carries are not called, unless flagrant (such as grabbing and throwing the ball).  Players can set the serve. However, players may never touch the net. (A player who touches the net must be honorable and call his own fault.) This is not just a volleyball rule, it's a safety rule as well. If net violations are ignored, play degenerates, increasing the possibility of collisions and injuries at the net.


INTERMEDIATE (B) DIVISION:  Lifts and carries are called tighter. The following standards apply:

1. A player may not play a ball with open hands if the ball is waist high or lower, with the exception of sand digs of hard driven balls.

2. When setting the ball, sets must be made from in front of the player's forehead and above the chin.

3. To avoid disputes on judgment calls, the serve must be bumped.


ADVANCED (A) DIVISION:  Everything is called tight.  When setting the ball, the ball may not have more than 2 rotations.  A player may receive the serve with an open-handed set, but it must be done cleanly.

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